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Big Beans Graphic Design

Graphic Designer

Claire Armstrong

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She’s full of ‘em!

Claire’s secret is to marry creativity with reliability, doing whatever it takes to turn a sketch on the back of a beermat into a fully realised brand concept. Above all, with a background in Carlisle’s youth and lifestyle culture, it’s about working in a lively and pulsing environment, and bringing that infectious energy to Cumbria businesses with the Big Beans design ethos. Taking your logo and branding ideas by their Cumbrian roots, and make them as interactive, engaging and attractive as you need them to be.

And then… you step out into the world to show off your new look!

"The Guild has helped me get my groove back to run and grow my business. It's perfect for start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, great and small, to share energy, ideas, space, working independently, together. Whatever you do, do it here!"

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