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Dan Matthews

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Hey, I’m Dan!

I’m what is known as a ‘full stack’ web developer – meaning I’m just as at home working with server-side languages as I am making sites look great with CSS and HTML, and making them interactive with Javascript.

What can I do? Here’s just some of the things:

Bespoke development – I can build web-based (or even desktop based) custom software for your business that can help raise efficiency or change the way you do business. Still using excel spreadsheets to do everything? Maybe it’s time for a change.

“Software As A Service” apps – got an idea for a web application that you could charge people to use? Monthly-charged web apps are so common nowadays and are a great business model.

Websites! – They’re my bread and butter. Need a bespoke website for your business? Or maybe an online shop? Get in touch!

I also frequently subcontract and consult for other web and design agencies to supplement or guide their own technical offerings.

Check out my website for a selection of past work and testimonials, and please do get in touch if you’d like more information – a lot of the work I do is done under a non-disclosure agreement, meaning I can’t display it on my site or discuss details publicly, but I can forward previews of relevant work to you directly if needed!

You can also check out my fledgling YouTube series “Made In The North” on YouTube – where I look at local businesses, artists & issues in the north.

"I've never worked with a friendlier bunch of people in a nicer environment. The Guild is co-working at it's best."

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