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Software Developer

Leo White

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HySoft build web based software and apps, typically bespoke systems that run or automate online businesses. Over the years we’ve become specialist in online booking, asset management, CAFM, GIS and e-ticketing.

We’re a deliberately small team focussed on super efficient, agile working with a small number of clients. We have worked in this sector and with many of our clients since 2008 and take pride in the depth of understanding and partnerships we build, so much so that many treat us as part of their in-house team.

As a distributed company we are used to working remotely – typically from home, but look forward to getting out occasionally and being part of The Guild community.

If you are looking for a long-term software development partner or think that web based software could run your business then let’s have a chat.

We always start by proving value and seeing if we are the right fit for you so our first few discussions are always exploratory and without obligation.

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