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Adventure Lifestyle Brand

Dan Jesse

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An adventure lifestyle brand created in the north of England with the aim of getting people out and about seeking their own adventures, then sharing and inspiring others.

Starting out in the action sports community we realised that there was a shared ‘adventure’ mentality between the likes of snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing, climbing, etc. Organising events and holidays, pulling together the adventure seekers all across the UK, and even internationally, we love to push and promote the outdoors as our playground.

We sponsor athletes and adventure seekers, we sell merchandise, and most importantly of all, love hearing about all of your adventures out in the mountains, lakes and rivers where ever you are. [ #jkrbt ]

"Moving into The Guild allowed me to start meeting people and giving me something outside of my house so that it started to feel like more than just a hobby. With the help and guidance of others in The Guild I feel like will be able to grow Jackrabbitt into the thing I always dreamed it could be... watch this space..."

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