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Adam Turley

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McDaniels Law are specialist intellectual property lawyers. At the core of our philosophy lies an understanding on how intellectual property can shape your brand and your business, and what that means to you, whether that is your reputation in your name or brand or the look or quality of the goods or services you provide to your customers.

We protect every pixel, stitch and rivet with the diligence you deserve. At McDaniels Law, we’re devotees of detail. We pore over every pixel, stitch and rivet. We revel in every chamfer, keystroke, strapline, trim and line break. We make a note of every soldered resistor, chiselled groove and chunk of code. All this, to provide you with impenetrable intellectual property protection from canny competitors and potential plagiarists.

As specialist lawyers we provide pragmatic and commercially focussed help in identifying, protecting and exploiting your intellectual property, enabling you to make the most of this crucial asset. This can include assistance with the registration of rights as trade marks, designs or patents, whether in the UK or abroad, advice where you think somebody has copied you or you are worried that you may have copied somebody else and advice on the commercialisation of your intellectual property, whether this be through the sale or licensing of rights or perhaps entering in to joint ventures to develop products further.

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