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Raw ’n Unsalted

Data science, analysis and consultancy

Laura Nijhuis - Murray

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I am Laura and Raw ’n Unsalted is a data science, analysis and consultancy business. I am a proud Dutchie and the Dutchiness comes out as I am straight forward, honest and very practical. I’m striving to transfer that into my data science analytics & consultancy as well. Data is my passion and I enjoy helping businesses with their data and turning data into valuable and understandable insights to help you and your business taking the next step. I believe that data is the core of your business. Because data is knowledge and knowledge is key.

Check out my website as I share different examples of my knowledge turned into practical examples on my portfolio. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding data.

"This co-working space is everything I've been looking for in times of WFH. Such a friendly, easy-going vibe. Great to meet other freelancers. Always open to help you out where possible. Increased my productivity by about 200%. Def recommend this place. Oh, and dog friendly too!"

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