Benefits Of Coworking Over Homeworking

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Working from home isn’t for everyone

Does it ever seem like working from home is too isolating? We have all been there, working from home seemed like a fantastic idea at the start: It’s cost effective, there isn’t a long commute, you can start working when you want to start working and all your home comforts easily at hand! All of a sudden, your house is no longer a home as your separate needs no longer have separate spaces. You’re staying up to silly o’clock in the morning to finish another deadline because of too many distractions from your fantastic home comforts or even a sudden urge to spring clean in November! It now takes a great deal of discipline to truly feel like you are off the clock at home.

Then there are the harder parts of business, the difficult conversations we all have in our professional life. Sometimes we just need to vent, enjoy the social aspect of getting something off your chest! We all hit a brick wall when it comes to problem solving sometimes, most of the time just talking to someone else can easily find a different way to the solution. But when you are at home these social interactions may not be readily available.

Coworking is the answer!

At ‘The Guild’ we have flexible memberships ranging from one day a week to a permanent desk that you can call your own. So, if you only need to do office work one day a week then that’s all you pay for. Likewise, if you need a business home then you can set up shop here at The Guild and claim a space as your own! Our flexible memberships allow you to find what is the most cost-effective solution for you and your business needs. You may not have all of your home comforts, but we have gone pretty far to make sure your stay here at The Guild as comfortable as possible! We have free tea and coffee for all our members, a break out area with comfortable couches, there is even a fully kitted out kitchen with an oven so you can cook up a storm! Most importantly your separate needs can once again have separate spaces, you can claim your house back as a home.

Socially you will be surrounded by the most fantastic community of professionals and businesses who already call ‘The Guild’ their business home! Coworking creates a perfect opportunity for networking, idea exchange, business development, and just plain old socialising. It gives a unique opportunity to inspire those around you and be inspired by them. At ‘The Guild’ we try to go one step beyond, we hold monthly events both business and social. One month there may be an open invite to get everyone together bowling or paddle boarding mostly for the social aspect, the following we will hold our ‘On it, not in it’ club which is a facilitated session based around peer to peer action learning. We are actively trying to improve our incredible business community.

The benefits of coworking at The Guild

  1. Cost effective – Work in a fully furnished office with no start-up costs for setting up an office and only pay for what you need.
  2. Flexibility – If you only need office space three days a week, then you only pay for three days a week PLUS you won’t get tied down to a 12-month contract.
  3. Central location – We are in the Heart of Carlisle and a short walk from the train station and some fantastic locations for lunch.
  4. Networking – You will be surrounded by the incredible businesses and professionals we already have working from The Guild PLUS you can take part in our monthly business and social events.
  5. Work life balance – Separate needs, separate spaces claim your house back as a home and come be social around our other awesome professionals who come to The Guild to work.

I’m Dan and I run everything here at The Guild, I’ve enjoyed seeing small businesses interact with big businesses and vice versa. Watching our incredible members develop into such a fantastic business community has been an absolute pleasure. If you feel isolated at home or if you just want to change up your business life then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I would be more than happy to find the best solution for you!

Don’t just take my word for it:

“The flexibility of working in the Guild is great, as I am out and about so much. However the thing I value the most is sharing work space with others, many of whom are in the same boat trying to run a small business. There is a great mix of people, with some lovely friendly characters in this co-working space which provides for a great feel and energy.  I look forward to my days in the Guild!”

Joanna Tate (Health & Education Co-operative)

“I’ve never worked with a friendlier bunch of people in a nicer environment. The Guild is co-working at its best.”

Dan Matthews (Black Lab Software)

“The Guild has helped me get my groove back to run and grow my business. It’s perfect for start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, great and small, to share energy, ideas, space, working independently, together. Whatever you do, do it here!”

Claire Armstrong (Big Beans Graphic Design)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first attempt at a blog and if you have any suggestions for my next one then let me know. Check out our Coworking Plans here and let me know if you want to change up your business life.


Dan Jackson

The Guild

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